So I’ve been catching up on Revenge and something is a little confusing for me about the whole initiative thing. 

So.. The Grayson’s funded The Initiative’s terrorist thing and blamed it on David Clarke. But then Conrad said that The Initiative didn’t exist so where did that money go? who brought down the plane? and did they ever say why they brought the plane down?

Did I miss something or did they never answer these questions?

Thank you everybody for your suggestions!

A lot of them sound like such great shows. At least they’ll all keep me busy for a while! :)

So, I broke my leg so I won’t be doing gymnastics for a while which means I have a lot of free time. I want to start watching some new shows. 

I like a lot of different shows like

  • Revenge
  • Gossip Girl
  • Degrassi
  • 90210
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Criminal Minds
  • NCIS
  • etc….

What are some shows you recommend?

I’m watching Pretty Little Liars and all I can think about is “how the hell are these girls not dead yet”

I love Fauxmanda, maybe not with Jack, but I adore her. 

The end scene with Emily and Aiden broke my heart. 

Unpopular opinion: Sometimes I feel really bad for Amanda. 

So glad I don’t work tonight so I can watch Revenge. It’s going to be an amazing episode. But what episode of revenge isn’t amazing?  

The X Factor Thoughts. (Includes Spoilers)

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The X Factor - Judges Houses
  • I’m still really disappointed that Jeffrey Adam Gutt didn’t make it to the judges house. I really really loved his audition. It just sucks. 
  • I really don’t care about the groups category. None of them really stick out to me. 
  • I don’t really care abut the over 25s either but if I had to choose who I’d keep I’d keep David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens and Vino Allen. I don’t really remember Daryl Black and Tara Simon annoys me a lot.
  • I’m looking forward to the teens. Out of the teens the four I’m rooting for are Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White. I don’t really care for the two other kids. 
  • I’m really really excited about the young adults. I really think that the winner is in this group. I’m sort of rooting for everybody in this group except for Nick Youngerman. He’s attractive but I don’t really like his voice, just isn’t my style really. My top 2 are definitely Jennel Garcia and Jillian Jensen. I think their friendship is so cute and I absolutely love both of their voices and I just adore them both so I really hope that in the preview they were crying to each other because they both made it. I really hope so.